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An information resource center offering comprehensive and quality information.

Broad Notes disseminate information about - People, Nature and Science, Technology, Academic Disciplines, Religion, Business, Medicine, Automation, Health, Sports, Places, Events and History, Finance, Entertainment, The Market, Fashion, News and Brands.

Broad Notes Edition

From Defination, Broad Notes comes from the two words

  • Broad - Meaning covering a large number and wide scope of subjects or areas
  • Notes - Meaning records of facts, topics or thoughts, written down in aid to memory.

It is within the defination of Broad Notes that you find a company that aspire to gives comprehensive information that is useful to online readers.

We give information in its broad spectrum and synthesizes the information for users so that it becomes easy to understand and fun to read.

Knowledge is power and Broad Notes aims at giving information on people, events, occurences, history, nature, technology to people in a simplified and interesting manner through this web site.

This is indeed the defination of Broad Notes

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