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Real Madrid win 2017 UEFA Champions league final by thrashing Juventus 4 - 1

Saturday, June 3, 2017: Millennium Stadium, Wales Spanish giants Real Madrid are UEFA champions league winners 2017 beating Juventus of Italy 4 - 1 in Millennium stadium Wales. Real Madrid have made history by retaining the cup that they won in 2016. This was a repeat of their dominance in this years league where they thrashed all teams with a big goal margin where Portuguese striker Cristiano Ronaldo scored at least 2 goals in every match for the Spanish team....

Global News

Its Good Friday as Christians begin easter celebrations worldwide

Its good friday as christians begin easter celebrations worldwide: Posted: Friday, April 14,...
date14-04-2017 Read More

Donald Trump becomes 45th US president promising radical administration changes

Donald trump becomes 45th us president promising radical administration changes: Friday, January 20, 2017 Donald...
date26-01-2017 Read More

US ceding power to control Internet

Us ceding power to control internet: Posted: Wednesday, January 18,...
date18-01-2017 Read More

Travel News

Shark Tanks set to jet into Kenya

Shark tanks set to jet into kenya: The Shark Tanks, The Shark...
date15-07-2015 Read More

Global Entrepreneurship Summit - Visitor Information

Global entrepreneurship summit - visitor information: The U.S.A Department of State...
date14-07-2015 Read More

What's an Archipelago

What's an archipelago: An archipelago ia a collection of islands...
date13-11-2013 Read More

Technology News

Fake identity websites being used by online credit card fraudsters

Fake identity websites being used by online credit card fraudsters: Posted on: Saturday, July 30...
date30-07-2016 Read More

Beware of Google AWARD WINNER - its a Scam

Beware of google award winner - its a scam: Google Promotion Award Department 44...
date30-09-2015 Read More

Using a shared device - Cyber and work place etiquette

Using a shared device - cyber and work place etiquette: Correct previous users account log in...
date17-07-2015 Read More

Sports News

Real Madrid win 2017 UEFA Champions league final by thrashing Juventus 4 - 1

Real madrid win 2017 uefa champions league final by thrashing juventus 4 - 1: Saturday, June 3, 2017: Millennium...
date03-06-2017   Read More

Arsenal are FA cup champions 2017

Arsenal are fa cup champions 2017: Match played on: Suturday, May 27 2017,...
date28-05-2017 Read More

Manchester United are Europa league cup winners 2017

Manchester united are europa league cup winners 2017: Europa league final 2017 climax was at...
date25-05-2017 Read More

Fashion News

Not again - power outages in Nairobi

Not again - power outages in nairobi: Some Nairobi environs experience power...
date28-07-2015 Read More

Supersonic Concorde Travel

Supersonic concorde travel: Aérospatiale-BAC Concorde...
date06-11-2013 Read More

Twitter Helps Revive a Seedy San Francisco Neighborhood

Twitter helps revive a seedy san francisco neighborhood: SAN FRANCISCO — The middle stretch of...
date02-11-2013 Read More

Nature News

Sibiloi Solar Eclipse can demonstrate Mystery Chromosphere analysis by Scientists

Sibiloi solar eclipse can demonstrate mystery chromosphere analysis by scientists: For those who have followed Cosmology...
date03-11-2013 Read More

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