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Computer networking refers to interconnected computers in a shared environment of interconnectivity involving multiple devices using communication protocols. The connectivity media often fall into cable or wireless connection within a private network.

The interconnectivity of multiple private networks into public networks, over a large area of coverage forms the basis of internet. The devices within a computer network can therefore exchange data, manage and share resources with each other and with other devices such as a server, printer, storage media over these shared network.

The networked devices communicate over a physical cable of twisted or untwisted category 5 or 6 (cat5 or cat6) cables or over a wireless Fidelity (WIFi) network using transmission control protocal / Internet protocal (TCP/IP).

TCP/IP helps in management of transmissions using Internet Protocals (IP) addresses. Each public network has a unique IP address while different private networks can have similar IP addresses. Private IPs must also be unique to each device from within a single network of computers.

TCP/IP therefore is bound to a system of rules using IP addresses, to transmit information over the intermediary medium of data transmission.


A Virtual Private Network (VPN) is a software product riding on any hardware that is used to protect network connection using real time encryption..

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