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Osama Bin Laden Family members have been killed in a plane crash in United Kingdom

Osama Bin Laden Family members have been killed in a plane crash in Hampshire United Kingdom, Saudia Embassy in United Kingdom reports. The plane crash killed the pilot and the passengers on board. The plane was flying from Italy...


Where is Mullar Mohammed Omar, the long confidant of Osama Bin Laded

Mullar Mohammed Omar had a reward on a wanted list. The one eyed leader of Taliban who used to be the second in command for slain Osama Bin Laden is claimed dead, after a long absence in public. Mullar Mohammed Omar was believed...


US Secretary of State back to Middle East for peace talks

7.00 GMT US Secretary of State John Kerry is back to Middle East to discuss West Bank security with officials from Israel and Palestine. Beside the West Bank talks, there has been a lot of interest in the middle East from world...

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